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Oversized Freight

Oversized Cargo

Inter Ocean Logistics provides a full range of logistics and transport services necessary for the international transport of bulky and heavy cargo. Both unimodal and multimodal schemes are used for delivery. Road

transport has the largest share in this segment due to its high speed and relatively low transportation costs. In general, the market for outsized cargo and equipment transportation shows active growth over 5% annum.


Positive dynamics are associated with economic growth and the development of new markets. Large industrial enterprises establish trade relations with foreign Partners to ensure their presence abroad. Therefore, the demand for the transportation of large equipment and machinery classified as oversized cargo is constantly growing.

Inter Ocean Logistics helps its customers to arrange regular flows of international transportation of outsized cargo. Our company organizes cargo transportation by various modes of transport in overseas and our employees take into account each Client's needs and cargo characteristics to develop optimal delivery routes that minimize the cost of heavyweight cargo transportation.

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